Inora Newsletter #46


The Dampier Archipelago (Western Australia) holds the greatest petroglyph concentration in the world. The rock art is threatened of destruction by the development of industrial plants. The Federal Minister for Environment and Heritage, The Hon. Ian Campbell, has received the advice of the Australian Heritage Council that Dampier should be placed on the National List. But he has also received very strong representations from large companies and the State Government of Western Australia not to list Dampier. He has now invited submissions from the public to tell him whether he should place the monument on the List. If we can convince him to do so, the more than one million petroglyphs of Dampier will be saved. We need to get as many submissions as possible to him - in writing, no email and no fax - before 28 November 2006. For all relevant details, including a short list of the main issues to consider, please go to:

Please write to:

The Minister, Hon. Ian Campbell,
c/o The Assistant Secretary, Heritage Assessment Branch,
Department of the Environment and Heritage,

GPO Box 787, CANBERRA ACT 2601, Australia.

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