Inora Newsletter #42


Cosquer redécouvert. Paris, Le Seuil, 256 p., 209 fig. Price: 50 euros.
After work had been resumed in this painted cave discovered under the sea in 1991, we are very pleased to announce the monograph that had been expected and which includes many new discoveries.

Iconografía prehispánica de Jujuy: una vision desde la arqueología. Buenos Aires, Editorial Dunken, 138 p., figs. ISBN 987-02-0737-5. To order:
In the first part of the book are discussed the themes represented in the rock of the North-East of Argentina. The second part includes five essays dealing with various problems related to archeology and to rock art.

FRANKLIN N.-R., 2004.
Explorations of Variability in Australian Prehistoric Rock Engravings. Oxford, BAR, Hadrian Books Ltd, BAR International Series 1318, 207 p., figs. ISBN 1 84171 387 2. Price: £43. To order:
An in-depth study of the spatial variations within what is called the Panaramitee style of engravings, distributed all over Australia, in an effort to demonstrate the value of rock art to wider archaeological enquiry. The book includes a lot of information (like the complete list of radiocarbon datings for Australian rock art sites) and a perceptive reflection on the main problems concerning rock art. A very valuable effort.

BERTILSSON U. & MCDERMOTT L. (eds.), 2004.
The Future of Rock Art – a World Review. Stockholm, National Heritage Board of Sweden, 206 p., fig. ISBN : 91-7209-355-2. To order: Riksantikvarieämbetet / National Heritage Board of Sweden, P.O. Box 5405, SE-11484 Stockholm (Sweden).

This collective book, entirely in English, is important because it includes syntheses on the research carried out in numerous regions and countries (Valcamonica, Sinai, Great Britain, Iberian Peninsula, Scandinavia, Russia, India, China, Brazil, Bolivia, USA, Germany), in addition to papers on other subjects (conservation, meanings). Recommended.

LEJEUNE M. & WELTÉ A.-C. (dir.), 2004.
L’Art du Paléolithique supérieur. Liège, Études et Recherches Archéologiques de l’Université de Liège, ERAUL 107, 277 p., fig. To order:
The Acts of two symposia held in 2001 in Liège within the IUSPP Congress are here reunited. They deal with portable art and parietal art. The 22 papers are all in
French. The book is very rich and generally well illustrated with even two superb colour fold-outs.

BLUNDELL G., 2004.
Nqabayo’s Nomansland. San Rock Art and the Somatic Past. Uppsala, Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, Uppsala University, Studies in Global Archaeology 2, 204 p., 75 fig. ISBN : 91-973212-0-6. Price: 180 rands plus postage. To order: The African and Comparative Archaeology, Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, Uppsala University, Box 626, SE-75126 Uppsala (Sweden) or Rock Art Research Institute
This is a brilliant effort to integrate the San images into a dynamic and complex history, showing their interaction with other peoples in southern Africa. It is based on the splendid rock art of Nomansland and particularly on the latest discoveries.

HERNÁNDEZ Pérez M., (ed.) 2004.
Pla de Petracos, Patrimonio de la Humanidad (Castell de Castells -
Alicante). Alicante, Diputación Provincial de Alicante, 72 p., figs. ISBN 84-96206-34-3.

A well illustrated beautiful brochure on the so-called macroschematic art of Pla de Petracos in eastern Spain, presented in its environment, including the local museums.

Los Grabados levantinos del Barranco Hondo (Castellote, Teruel). Bilbao, Gobierno de Aragón, Departamento de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, 158 p., 112 fig. ISBN : 84-96223-71-X.

Collective research about the discovery of a panel bearing fine engravings attributable to the art of the Spanish Levant, which mostly includes paintings. This is a very complete beautifully illustrated monograph.

Cederberg rock paintings. Follow the San… Clanwillian Living Landscape, Cape Town, 127 p., 126 fig. ISBN : 0-620-31113-4. To order: John Parkington, University of Cape Town (South Africa), fax : (27) 21 650 2352, or Clanwillian Living Landscape,18 Park Street, Clanwillian (South Africa) (phone and fax : (27) 27 482 1911).

A very clear and well illustrated book, meant for the general public and full of detailed information, about one of the main centers of world rock art.

PHILIPPON A. (dir.), 2002.
Statues-Menhirs, des énigmes de pierre venues du fond des âges. Rodez, Éditions du Rouergue, 270 p., fig. ISBN : 2 841 56 348 0. Price: 38 €. To order: Éditions du Rouergue, BP 3522 F-12035 Rodez Cedex 9 (France). Fax : 33 5 65 77 73 71.

The Neolithic menhir-stelae in the South of France are no doubt one of the most peculiar forms of rock art and, as such, must be of interest to rock art specialists. In this beautiful book, a dozen specialists give a complete account of the subject.

Qinghai Petroglyphs. A study on Dualism in Prehistoric Art. Beijing, China Science Press, 280 p., 351 fg., 16 color pl.

The books on Chinese rock art are very scarce. This one includes 25 pages in English. In addition, the numerous figures also have English captions. The authors present the Qinghai petroglyphs from a dualistic point of view. They distinguish 4 stages in their evolution.

Gravures du Qinghai.
Scènes de chasse avec chars.
Qinghai petroglyphs.
Hunting scenes with chariots.

Metodología del análisis del arte paleolítico. El estilo del autor y el estilo del grupo. Bilbao, Diputación Foral de Bizkaia, Kobie, 164 p., fig. To order: Sección de Publicaciones de la Diputación Foral de Bizkaia, Kobie, P.O. Box 97 Bilbao (Spain).

Thesis conducted under the guidance of Pr. Juan María Apellániz, who has long been working on the theme. The methods to research the styles of authors as different from those of the group have been put into practice for the Ventalaperra cave art and for the Arenaza Azilian portable art. Several authors have been distinguished.

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