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SEARIGHT S., 2004. — The Prehistoric Rock Art of Morocco. A study of its extension, environment and meaning. Oxford, Archaeopress, BAR-S1310, 246 p., 54 fig. ISBN : 1 84171 659 6. Price: £36. To order:
This is a welcome attempt at a countrywide survey and analysis – as complete as possible – of the rock art in Morocco. It mostly consists of petroglyphs and is all Holocene. The book endeavours to cover all aspects of the subject and will prove very useful to researchers.

GARCÍA DIEZ M., FONTANALS TORROJAM. & ZARAGOZA SOLÉ J., 2004. — Les inscultures rupestres del Pujol Rodó (La Riera de Gaià, Tarragona). Grafisme rupestre prehistòric i zones de pas d’època històrica a la província de Tarragona. Tarragona, Aniversitat Rovira i Virgili, Àrea de Prehistòria, 136 p., 58 fig., 16 pl. ISBN : 84-609-3089-0.
The protohistoric and historic petroglyphs of the province of Tarragona in eastern Spain are schematic. They are presented here in Spanish and Catalonian.

DIAZ-GRANADOS C. & DUNCAN J.-R. (eds.), 2004. — The Rock Art of Eastern North America. Capturing images and Insight. Tuscaloosa, The University of Alabama Press, 426 p., figs. ISBN : 0-8173-5096-9. To order : The University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35487-0380.
In North America, the rock art of the South-West has been far more published than that of the East part of the continent, despite the efforts of some pioneers. In this volume, 20 papers range over 12 states and 4 Canadian provinces and deal with subjects as varied as the history, ethnography, recording methods, dating and analysis of pictographs, petroglyphs and even dendroglyphs (on trees).

GLINARES MÁLAGA E., 2004. — Arte rupestre en Arequipa y el Sur del Perú. Arequipa, 152 p., figs. Toro Muerto, centro ceremonial más grande del mundo con arte rupestre. Arequipa – Perú, San Agustín, Editorial UNSA, 65 p., figs. To order: Centro de Ediciones – Editorial UNSA, Universidad Nacional de San Agustín, Perú.

The author of these two works has spent his life studying the art of that area where petroglyphs are to be found in their thousands.

He has just published a book in which he surveys the abundant portable and rock art around Arequipa (Peru), in which he mentions 226 sites, and a small brochure in homage to the regretted Antonio Núñez Jiménez, devoted more especifically to the gigantic site of Toro Muerto.

Toro Muerto, Peru in Linares Málaga 2004

WEISS M.-C., 2004. — L’art rupestre de la Corse. Ajaccio, Albiana, 246 p., 201 fig. ISBN : 2-84698-061-6. Price: 40 €. To order: Albiana, BP 83, 4 rue Major-Lambroschini, 20176 Ajaccio Cedex, Corse (France). Email :
The rock art of Corsica is not very well-known, contrary to the statues-menhirs of that island. It is protohistoric in age and mostly consists of geometric forms, as in the rest of the Mediterranean region to which it belongs.

OTTE M., OOSTERBEEK L., SEGLIE D., REMACLE L., BERTOLLO V., GROENEN M. (eds.), 2004. — Section 8 : Art du Paléolithique supérieur et du Mésolithique. Actes du XVIème Congrès UISPP, Université de Liège, Belgique, 2-6 Septembre 2001, BAR International Series 1311, Oxford, Archaeopress, 215 p., fig. ISBN : 1 84171 660 X. Price: 35 euros. To order:
Various articles collected after the papers presented during the Liège IUSPP 2001 Congress in Sessions C8.1 (Rock art, metaphysics, ideology and myths from the Palaeolithic to modern times), C8.4 (A state of the art of rock art traditions in Europe) and the General Session.

MILSTREU G. & PRØHL H. (eds.), 2004. — Prehistoric pictures as archaeological sources. Tanumshede (Sweden),Tanums Hällristningsmuseum, 220 p., fig. ISBN : 91-85952-89-3. Price: 26.50 € (plus postage). To order:

The book is a collection of the papers given in 2002 at a Symposium on the subject held at the Tanum museum for its 50th anniversary.

Out of the 13 papers, 6 are in English and the others have English abstracts. All are beautifully illustrated.

Aspeberget, Tanum (Sweden)
Bertilsson in Milstreu & Prøl (eds.) 2004.

ANGULO J. & GARCÍA M., 2005. — Sexo en Piedra. Sexualidad, Reproducción y Erotismo en Época Paleolítica. Madrid, Luzán, 192 p., figs. ISBN 84-7989-324-9. To order:
A lavishly illustrated book on the theme of sex in prehistoric art, both in parietal art –where it is rare- and portable art, where it is relatively frequent, with comparisons with Holocene art, for example for the Neolithic in the Middle East.

BECKENSALL S., 2005. — The Prehistoric Rock Art of Kilmartin. Kilmartin, 144 p., 197 fig. ISBN : 0-9533674-2-8. To order: Kilmartin House Trust, Kilmartin, Argyll, PA31 8RQ, Scotland. Tel. : 04546 510278.
A This is an excellent monograph by the specialist of this type of art. It is well illustrated by small but excellent colour photographs. It deals with the schematic rock art (circles, cup-marks, spirals) in a region of Scotland, within the framework of British Holocene rock art.

ARIFIN K. & DELANGHE Ph., 2004. — Rock Art in West Papua. Paris, 92-3-103906-7. Price: 48.80 euros. To order:
A lA wealth of information based on extensive field work is provided by this lavishly illustrated book on West Papua, a not very well-known region for rock art. Its publication by UNESCO is a good sign. This beautiful book which rightly stresses the problems of preservation, should be quite fascinating and helpful not only to specialists but to all persons interested in rock art.

Some of the paintings from Chamber B,
Guwaimit Cave in Arifin & Delanghe 2004

HUANG J.-K.-K. & CULLEY E.-V. (eds.), 2005. — Making Marks. Graduate Studies in Rock Art Research at the New Millenium. Tucson, Arizona, American Rock Art Research Association, Occasional Paper N° 5, 232 p., fig. ISBN : 0-9767121-0-5. To order:
After a Preface by Marvin Rowe, this book presents 17 papers by a new generation of scholars. The range covered is broad both geographically and thematically. This is an interesting and quite successful experience with very valuable result.

HEYD Th. & CLEGG J. (eds.), 2005. — Aesthetics and Rock Art. Aldershot and Burlington, Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 316 p., fig. To order: Ashgate Publishing Limited, Gower House, Croft Road, Aldershot, Hampshire BU11 3HR (England).
This is the first book to attempt an anaysis of rock from the point of view of aesthetics. This landmark publication regroups 17 papers, including wide-ranging theoretical ones, and covers a very broad range of subjects, both thematically, chronologically and geographically. Recommended.

MAS CORNELLÀ M., 2005. — La Cueva del Tajo de las Figuras. Madrid, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, 255 p., fig. ISBN : 84-362-5058-3. Price: 15 euros. To order: Librería UNED, Bravo Murillo 38, 28015 Madrid.
This is an in-depth study of a painted shelter in the extreme south of Spain. A few Palaeolithic engravings are superimposed with numerous Holocene paintings. Particular attention is paid to techniques and styles.

KLOPPENBURG R.-M. & KNIEP K., 2005. — Rock carvings in Bohuslän, Sweden. On DVD or CD-Rom. Prices: DVD for Askum, Bottna, Svenneby and Tanum: 20€. CDRoms for Tanum ; Bottna, Kville Svenneby ; Askum. Each of the three: 10€. Plus mailing. To order:
TThe disks contain all the known rock carvings of Askum, Bottna, Svenneby and Tanum. In order to find them in the field, neighbouring farms and coordinates are indicated, with sometimes the description of the location. More than 2400 pictures are given in those documents (slides and frottages).

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