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MARTíNEZ GARCíA J. (ed.), 2005. — Pintura rupestre levantina en Andalucía. Catálogo. Sevilla, Junta de Andalucía, Consejería de Cultura, 270 p., fig. ISBN : 84-8266-514-6. To order: Empresa Pública de Gestión de Programas Culturales, c/José Luis Luque, 2, 41003 Sevilla (Spain).
This very beautiful book is a complete catalogue of the Levantine shelters in Andalucia. Their art is each time presented in its environment –which plays a very important role- by means of superb photographs. Recommended.

MAGNARDI N. & BRETEAU E., 2005. — Roches confidentes. Dessins et témoignages gravés de la Vallée des Merveilles du Moyen Âge à nos jours. Marseille, Images en Manoeuvres Editions, 120 p., 83 fig. ISBN : 2-84995-039-4. Price: 22 euros. To order: Images en Manoeuvres Editions,
The Monte Bego prehistoric petroglyphs are wellknown. Those dated to historical periods were not until now. They testify to the life of a community living in the mountains and cover a number of centuries. The b&w photographs that present them are excellent.

BROGLIO A. & DALMERI G. (eds.), 2005. — Pitture Paleolithiche nelle Prealpi Venete. Grotta di Fumane e Riparo Dalmeri. Verona, Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Verona, Memoria, 2.serie, Preistoria Alpina, NR. Speciale, 192 p., figs. ISNN 0392-0070. To order: Dott.ssa Alessandra Aspes, Direttore del Museo di Storia Naturale di Verona (
Exactly two years after a Conference was held in Verona about the Fumane Aurignacian site and the Epigravettian art of Riparo Dalmeri, its organizers have managed to publish a lavishly illustrated volume of Acts. Not only are the two major sites studied from all sorts of points of views, but syntheses are presented about the other contemporary discoveries and their cultural environment. This is a truly important volume.

OTTE M., 2005. — Arts préhistoriques. L’articulation du langage. Bruxelles, De Boeck, 183 p., 124 fig. Préface de J. Clottes. ISBN : 2-8041-4990-0. Price: 29.50 €.
This very nice catalogue done for an exhibit is meant for the general public and is published in four languages (French, English, Spanish and Arabic). It constitutes a welcome introduction to an important series of still not well-known sites

COUSSY J.-P., 2005 — Roucadour, l’art initial gravé. Cajarc, Résurgences, 120 p., figs. ISBN : 2-952441-0-7. Price: 25 € (+ 5 € postage). To order: Résurgences-@rpec B.P. 8 46160 Cajarc (France). Voir
As a homage to the Abbé André Glory, who traced the important Roucadour engravings in the Lot from 1963 to 1966, the discoverer of the cave, Jean-Paul Coussy asked an art historian, Pierre Daix, to present some of his thoughts about hand representations. He also published old texts by Glory and, above all, a number of little-known Glory tracings in the format of a catalogue.

The Roucadour Cave (Lot). Panel V. Tracings by A. Glory and his team

CLOTTES J. & AZÉMA M., 2005. — Les Félins de la grotte Chauvet. Paris, Éditions du Seuil, Les Cahiers de la grotte Chauvet, 126 p., 80 fig. ISBN : 2-02-069272-4. Price: 30 €.
The Cahiers de la Grotte Chauvet constitute a new collection of lavishly illustrated books, the aim of which is to present the various aspects of that exceptional painted cave in all their details. The images of felines number 75 in the cave, making it the reference site for those animals in Ice Age art.

GÉLY B. & AZÉMA M., 2005. — Les Mammouths de la grotte Chauvet. Paris, Éditions du Seuil, Les Cahiers de la grotte Chauvet, 116 p., 74 fig. ISBN : 2-02-069271-6. Price: 30 €.
As is the case for the volume on the Felines, this one on the Mammoths is a transversal study for one of the animal species most represented in the cave. With more than 500 images in 46 painted caves, Mammoths are third in numbers among the Palaeolithic bestiary, after Horses and Bison. With 76 mammoth drawings, Chauvet represents 14% of the whole.

COLES J., 2005. — Shadows of a Northern Past. Rock Carvings of Bohuslän and Ostfold. Oxford, Oxbow Books, 222 p., 264 fig. ISBN : 1-84217-181-X. To order: Oxbow Books, Park End Place, Oxford OX1 1HN, Angleterre.
For the past thirty years John Coles has been travelling the Swedish and Norwegian landscapes in obvious enjoyment to look for rock art, to study it and to document it with his usual competence. With this well-illustrated book he gives a remarkable comprehensive survey of two important areas replete with rock art. Recommended.

TSEVEENDOR J. D., KUBAREV B. D. & JACOBSON E., 2005. — Aral Tolgoin khadny zurag (Petroglyphs of Aral Tolgoi, Mongolia). Ulaanbaatar, Institute of Archaeology, Mongolian Academy of Sciences, 204 p., ill. Essays in English, Mongolian, and Russian. To order:
Aral Tolgoi is the finest and best preserved known concentration of open-air rock art in Northern Asia dating back to the late Pleistocene and early Holocene. Located in northwestern Mongolia, it was first identified and documented by the authors of this report.

KEYSER J.-D. & POETSCHAT G., 2005. — Warrior Art of Wyoming’s Green River Basin : Biographic Petroglyphs along the Seedskadee. Portland (Oregon, USA), Oregon Archaeological Society, Publication #15, 190 p., 91 fig., 10 Pl. ISBN : 0 9764804 1 7.
This monograph was made after several field campaigns when the team recorded the petroglyphs on various sites attributable to the Shoshone Plains Indians. Those petroglyphs belong to the Biographic and Ceremonial Traditions. They are recent for the most part and testify to the troubled history of the region.

La Barge Bluff, Wyoming (U.S.A)
The main battle scene on Panel 1, involving 26 humans and 17 horses.
From Keyser & Poetschat 2005.

LE QUELLEC J.-L., de FLERS P. & Ph., 2005. — Peintures et gravures avant les Pharaons : Du Sahara au Nil. Paris, Fayard/Soleb, 382 p., 902 fig. ISBN : 2-213-62488-7. Price: 100 €.
This huge book is replete with images (902!). It constitutes a major contribution to the knowledge of rock art in the eastern part of the Sahara. The art is presented within its physical, archaeological, environmental and cultural contexts. Problems of preservation are dealt with throughout.

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