Inora Newsletter #46

BEDNARIK R.-G., 2006. — Australian Apocalypse. The story of Australia’s greatest cultural monument. Melbourne, Australian Rock Art Research Association Occasional AURA Publication n° 14, 64 p., 140 fig. ISBN :
0-9586802-2-1. Price: in Australia : $A23.00 ; other countries: US$23.00. To order: AURA, P.O. Box 216, Caulfield South, VIC 3162, Australia (
With indignation and a grim determination, Robert Bednarik tells the tragic story of the Pilbara since the genocide of the Yaburrara in 1868 and the story of his own long ongoing fight against ignorance, incompetence and cupidity, responsible for the destruction of thousands of prehistoric engravings on what no doubt is the most important petroglyph site in the world. This passionate courageous book is compulsory reading.

LOENDORF L.L., CHIPPINDALE Ch., WHITLEY D.S. (eds.), 2005. — Discovering North American rock art. Tucson, The University of Arizona Press, 334 p., fig. ISBN : 0-8165-2483-1. To order: The University of Arizona Press, Tucson, AZ 85721.
The various papers in this book explore the history of rock art and of its discovery in all the main regions of North America, with the evolution of techniques and points of view until the present methods of modern dating.

LASHERAS CORRUCHAGA J.-A. & GONZÁLES ECHEGARAY J. (dir.), 2005. — El Significado del Arte paleolítico. Santander, Museo de Altamira, 293 p., fig. ISBN : 84-8181-255-2. To order: Museo de Altamira, 29330 Santillana-del-Mar, Cantabria (Spain). E-mail:
The 14 texts, all in Spanish, to be found in this volume were collected after a summer course on Palaeolithic art, organized by the General Direction of Fine Arts and Cultural Heritage and the Marcelino Botín Foundation, in 2002 at the International University Menendez Pelayo in Santander.

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