Inora Newsletter #45


The interest shown so far by several cupule scholars worldwide clearly shows the importance this subject has in rock art research and that it constitutes a special area of research in different countries. The Cochabamba Rock Art Research Association (AEARC) thus invites cupule experts from all over the world to the International Cupule Conference, to be held in Cochabamba (Bolivia, South America) from 17 July to 23 July 2007. Cochabamba is situated in a beautiful valley in central Bolivia. This region presents a huge variety of cupule sites, which vary in their antiquity, symbolism and function.

Three days of the conference will be dedicated to the different symposia and the remaining four days to the excursions to cupule areas. Cupule experts are invited to present papers in the following symposia:

Cupules and their antiquity (dating).
Possible symbolism of cupules.
Possible function of cupules.
The re-use of cupules (ethnographic research).
Different types of cupules and their combination with other types of rock art.
Natural cupules (non-anthropic).
Replication work with cupules.
The taphonomy of cupules.
Cupules and rock gongs (lithophones).
Cupules and their lithologies (the importance of understanding the relationship between cupules and the rock types they are found on).
Different types of cupules in Bolivia.

The ten first will be for the international experts. English will be the main language. All papers will be of an international scientific standard. The last symposium (on cupules in Bolivia) will be reserved for AEARC's and other Bolivian researchers and provide an introduction to the excursions.

The participation fee for the international experts will be $US100 (one hundred U.S. dollars) which can be paid on the first day of the conference. Papers, not exceeding 20 pages, should be sent before 31st March 2007.

AEARC has opened a larger e-mail address in order to receive enquiries and the papers of the participants: AEARC - International Cupule Conference 2007. Prof. Roy Querejazu Lewis – President. E-mail: Postal address: AEARC, Casilla 4243, Cochabamba, Bolivia, South America.

In another announcement AEARC will give information about hotels, restaurants, and the excursions.

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