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Robert A.Hefner III Collection,
Aspen, USA
(Height 20ins 50cm)



"The truth depends on interpretation"

If a light breeze gently rocks the trees, the sculpture dances in the breeze, sending off shy glances of light. In a storm it fights and grinds its teeth with fury, and becomes chaotic. Even when utterly still something about the shape gives you the feeling that it is moving, always changing.

Life is continual Change and the only way we can cope is by asking the moody Oracle questions, and using our senses to Interpret the Delphic answers. Awareness is to "Know youself".

At Robert Hefner's Sculpture Park, above Aspen, Oracle hangs in a Sacred Grove of Scrub Oaks. A path leads round the Grove down to a Power Point, two massive boulders, where we have placed Prometheus' Hearth. Ever since Man has become aware, he has sought Vision Questing Sites.

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