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Robert A.Hefner III Collection,
Aspen, USA
(Height 3ft 1m)



"Explosion and Implosion of the Universe"

For me this sculpture captures the concept of the Big Bang, and the creation of the Universe, that has been put forward by Professors Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose.

The surface of the sculpture, (which is missing in this sculpture), was first described by Archimedes in the 3rd century BC. We know it as the Soccer ball.

At first I built the sculpture only using the Hexagons and leaving out the Pentagons. This enabled me to see into the central space, and allowed me to realize that the strength of the structure came from the 60 points, just as in Carbon 60.

Now that I could look inside the structure I could measure the angles of the isosceles triangle that hung from the line joining two points, and reached into the centre. I estimated that the centre angle would be about 25 degrees. Because the strength was in the welds at the 60 points, why not hang isosceles triangles with a centre angle of 30 degrees along all of the 90 seams of the Soccer ball?

The result was not only an explosion of light in the middle of the sculpture, but also a sense of gravity towards the centre, thus creating a Pulse in the Forces. Explosion and Implosion.

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