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African Rock Art : Paintings and Engravings on Stone
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Paintings and Engravings on Stone
by David Coulson & Alec Campbell
• Hardcover: 256 pages
• Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 0810943638
• ASIN: B0002IA1O0
From Publishers Weekly
At the end of the last Ice Age (over 12,000 years ago), artists throughout Africa produced stunning work that survives to this day on boulders and cliffs, and in caves. In African Rock Art: Paintings and Engravings on Stone, Alec Campbell (founder and first director of the National Museum and Art Gallery of Botswana) and photographer David Coulson (coauthor, Namib, The Lost World of the Kalahari) survey the genre with more than 200 color photos and 178 line drawings that detail elements of these complex compositions.
From 20-foot giraffes carved into stone in Niger's Air Mountains to a (probably) 6,000-year-old Libyan painting of a hairdressing scene, the photos are hauntingly beautiful. In addition to its considerable contributions to art history and human history the book, with its foreword by the late star paleontologist Mary Leakey, should raise public awareness of the plight of these masterpieces, now endangered by erosion and vandalism.
Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information, Inc.
From Library Journal
While the Paleolithic parietal art of Western Europe is better known, Africa may have more rock art that is more diverse chronologically, stylistically, geographically, and iconographically than anywhere else in the world. Long overlooked by African art scholars, this aspect of Africa's artistic heritage has recently garnered increased attention. This stunning visual survey provides an introduction to the subject for the general reader. The volume will never be mistaken for a scholarly study, as no aspect of the subject is explored to academic thoroughness. For instance, a section called "Recent Research on the Meaning of Rock Art" is but three pages long! Nevertheless, chapters address broad topics, either thematic (e.g., dating) or geographical, with a very accessible text and numerous photographs and drawings. In truth, it is the illustrations and pancontinental coverage that makes this book so valuable. Highly recommended to both public and academic libraries with interests in art or Africa. Eugene C. Burt, Data Arts, Seattle.
Copyright 2001 Reed Business Information, Inc.
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David Coulson Alec Campbell
David Coulson founded the Trust for African Rock Art [TARA] in 1996, originally as a result of his friendship with palaeontologist Dr. Mary Leakey. Dr. Leakey had a special interest in rock art and encouraged Coulson to take action to conserve this important African heritage. Recognising the general lack of interest in African rock art and the apparent failure of most African governments to provide proper protection for this heritage, TARA set out to survey rock art sites throughout Africa especially in the Sahara desert. TARA’s first major project was to compile a professionally illustrated book covering the rock art of the entire continent: 'African Rock Art; Paintings and Engravings on Stone' which was published internationally in 2001 by Harry N. Abrams, New York. The book was the result of many survey trips over a period of 6 years and was co-authored by David Coulson and Alec Campbell. During this period articles on TARA’s work also appeared in National Geographic, Time Magazine, London Times, and many other publications.
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