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Arrangements of face-to-face pairs have been recorded in most identified groups of the Erudite Epoch, often showing the two figures as simple mirror images. The Tassel Bradshaw artist who created this composition succeeded in incorporating an element of elegance, as well as maximising the visual impact of these schematised figures' limb alignments. Tapering limbs tipped with miniaturised feet are characteristics of early Tassel Bradshaws from the north-east region. While probably primarily depicting some stance of ritual or dance, the additional creation of an unforgettable work of art can by no means be considered accidental. One figure holds an Angular Boomerang, while the other holds an artefact formed from multiple miniature Triple Tassels. Both figures appear to wear Thigh Length Skirts and a simple Round Chest Band.
Bradshaw Period
Tassel Bradshaw Group
Size (Length)
400x240mm (16x9 ins)
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