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A solitary Tassel Bradshaw Figure with form and application indicating the work of a very experienced artist. The figure displays elements characteristic of early examples from this Group, including classic Broad Egyptian Shoulders and part profile paunch detail. Concentrations of small mud wasp nests have unfortunately damaged detail of some of this depictions fine paraphernalia. Accoutrements have uncommon features such as a Tripe Tassel feature mounted vertically from Broad Fluffy Elbow Bands and a detailed Pom Pomtip on the headdress. Some indication of this figure's antiquity may be gained by the fact that water seepage transported mineral has over the millennia transformed the superimposed mud wasp nests into white, semi-petrified forms. This motif is superimposed by basic Simple Figures with Clubs and Shields from the Aborigine Epoch.
Bradshaw Period
Tassel Bradshaw Group
Size (Length)
1520x440mm (41x17 ins)
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