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This 580mm (23ins) figure is one of the smaller and less elaborate examples of a Ceremonial Figure, possibly originating from the late, rather than early, Tassel Bradshaw Group. It has the less impressive Narrow Shoulders detail, and a very basic Half Tram Track feature (rather than Half Centipede) aligned close over the headdress and face. The form of Tasselled Cord decorated Bun Tips on the Dunce Headdress tends to be a northern regional variation. Early Tassel Bradshaws do not normally hold artifacts in their hands in the manner shown here. The Double Cord Handle artifact with a Bottle Neck appears more likely to represent a northern Dilly Bag than the more common Whisk. Paraphernalia includes Round Bangles, Round Anklets, Double Round Arm Bands, a shoulder-mounted Tasselled Cord, and rather basic Pom Pom Cord decorated Elbow Bands.
Bradshaw Period
Tassel Bradshaw Group
Size (Length)
580x370mm (23x14ins)
Painting Details
Ceremonial Figure
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