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A fine part profile example of a transitionary form, displaying elements more often associated with the Tassel and Bradshaw Groups. While the physical form is characteristic of the narrow shoulder late Tassel Bradshaws, the accoutrements suggest less schematised forms of items common to later Sash Bradshaws. These include broad forms of the Winged Headdress Feature, Tuft Armbands, but not in the later standardised arched alignment, and Multiple Board Bangles (on slim Tassel Bradshaw arms). The waistband mounted Broad Dancing Tussock, Pubic Tassel and Long Plume to the rear are accoutrements associated in more schematised form with later Sash Bradshaws. Positioned to the left of the figure is an oval Ceremonial Object, with plumes mounted from it.
Bradshaw Period
Tassel Bradshaw Group
Size (Length)
920x485mm (36x19ins)
Painting Details
Transitional Figure
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