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A profile example of a transitionary figure, with the physical form popular with the late Tassel Bradshaw Groups. Accoutrements are suggestive of more naturalistic version of schematised items common to the Sash Bradshaw Group. The Broad Dancing Tussock, Public Tassel and unusual Triple Tassel/Three Point Sash suggests this figure post dates the classic Tassel Bradshaw era. Multiple Broad Bangles are mounted on the earlier slim form arms, and arm bands possibly represent early versions of the Tuft Armbands. The tri-pointed motif to the left of the figure may represent a variation of the Ceremonial Object, and appears to originally have been suspended on a cord, possibly hand held.
Bradshaw Period
Tassel Bradshaw Group
Size (Length)
950x260mm (37x10ins)
Painting Details
Transitional Figure
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