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A fine Sash Bradshaw displaying a wide range of the accoutrements found associated with this Group. The long headdress has a single feather mounted through its upper extremity, with double tiered tassel extremity. A Prong Variation of the Winged Headdress feature is mounted to the right side of the head. A neck-mounted dillybag is visible beneath the right armpit, and a cluster of four Chilli Armpit Decorations beneath the left. The unusual Barred Variation of the Three Point Sash can be clearly seen rear mounted above the Broad Cummerbund Waistband, while an additional Long Pubic Apron is mounted from the front underside. Double Boomerangs are held in each hand, with an additional Whisk in the right. Tuft Armbands and Multiple Broad Bangle forearms are characteristics of this Group.
Bradshaw Period
Sash Bradshaw Group
Size (Length)
760mm tall (30ins)
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