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Barred Variations of any Erudite Epoch figures are uncommon, and are positive confirmation of the existence of bichrome applications. This Sash Bradshaw example displays many of the accoutrements found in more conventional examples. The headdress has the Prong Variation, together with two features mounted in front of its Pom Pom tip, from which a Tiered Double Tassel is suspended. A neck mounted dillybag is shown beneath the right armpit and a stylised version of the Four Chilli Armpit Decoration beneath the other. Tuft Armbands and Multiple Broad Bangle forearms are characteristics of Sash Bradshaws, even though this example shows only a Long Pubic Apron mounted from the waist.
Bradshaw Period
Sash Bradshaw Group
Size (Length)
380x320mm (31x13ins)
Painting Details
Barred Variation
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