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The miniature Sash Bradshaw Figure illustrates the practice of exaggerating certain items of paraphernalia which appear to have been significant status or cultural identification keys. Both the dramatic erect Winged Headdress feature and the uncommon Barred Three Point Sash have been disproportionately emphasised on this 190mm (7ins) figure. Even when allowing for the inaccuracies of artistic licence there appears continued evidence of two forms of Boomerangs associated with many of these figures; the single example an Angular Boomerang, and the Double Boomerangs of crescentic form. The figure's perimeter detail is partly due to its application on an uneven art surface, although the favoured Mulberry Hue paint was used.
Bradshaw Period
Sash Bradshaw Group
Size (Length)
190x80mm (7x3ins)
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