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A pair of Sash Bradshaw illustrating the diversity of physical form and accoutrements found associated with this Group. The more representative form of the left figure is decorated with a side mounted Prong Variation Winged Headdress, a Broad Cummerbund mounted Star Sash and Multiple Broad Bangle forearms. Its common Pom Pom/tassel tip headdress has a vertically mounted feather. The smaller figure illustrates this Group's apex of development in blending selective schematisation into primarily naturalist form. Progressive schematisation resulted in grossly muscular forms and miniaturised lower legs, while the Multiple Broad Bangle detail transforms into unnatural bulbous forearms. This figure has an impressive Long Apron mounted from above the Broad Cummerbund, while its headdress area remains unfinished.
Bradshaw Period
Sash Bradshaw Group
Size (Length)
25x7.5ins (left figure)
12x9ins (right figure)
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