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A small example of an early Clothes Peg Figure in the profile dancing stance alignment. During the transitionary period artists retain basic semi-naturalistic silhouettes of paunch, hips and leg muscles, but schematise the arms. The ungainly Reverse Bent Arm alignment is encountered mostly on profile Clothes Peg Figures, where the difficulty in depicting the upper torso in profile obviously persists. Missing feet, lower arm, face and headdress segments characterises the widespread use of less stable paints accounting for the increasing preference for bichrome depictions in the Clothes Peg Figure Period. Side Buns and Broad Tussock Pairs represent surviving decorative appendages from the headdress forms common to this Group.
Clothes Peg Figure Period
Clothes Peg Figure Sub-Group
Size (Length)
330x160mm (13x6ins)
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