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A discrete panel of Clothes Peg Figures in the profile bent knee stance, suggestive of a dance or ceremonial activities. Missing hands, feet, head, ankle bands and waistband sections are typical indicators of this Period's unstable bichrome or polychrome segments. The Reverse Bent Arms are awkward attempts at dealing with profile alignments. Elements of the earlier Sash Bradshaws survive in the Barbed Three Point Sashes, as shown in the schematised Star Sash from on the larger figure. The Cross Hatched Busby Headdress, with rear Broad Tussock and front Hockey Stick elaborations, are associated with elaborate Clothes Peg Figures. The pendulous Zig Zag Line feature appears to be a schematised form of decorative hair appendage.
Clothes Peg Figure Period
Clothes Peg Figure Sub-Group
Size (Length)
Centre Figure 380x170mm (15x7ins)
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