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The fine Round Head variation of a Tassel Bradshaw is probably the most published image of a Kimberly Bradshaw Figure, but should not be considered typical of this Group. Round Head variations are comparatively rare, and the single arm raised in an arch above the head represents one of this Group's few recurring alignments suggesting ceremonial or ritual action. Figures in such alignments frequently display a form of broad-meshed appendage visible below the armpit, possibly representing a neckmounted artefact in real life. The fine, precise linework evident on this 800mm (31ins) figure's Multiple Fine Bangles and Tasselled Cord Elbow Band indicates a high level of artistic skill in conjunction with fine brushes and expertly prepared paint mixtures.
Bradshaw Period
Tassel Bradshaw Group
Size (Length)
800x180mm (31x7 ins)
Painting Details
Round Head Variation
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