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This 1720mm (68 ins) figure is the largest complete Bradshaw figure recorded to date, standing virtually life size, as Joseph Bradshaw described in some of his original discoveries. This typically left-facing depiction includes most attributes of the classic early Tassel Bradshaws, such as the Broad Egyptian Shoulders and hanging arms. Noteworthy minor variations include the horizontal headdress alignment (rather than hanging), and a Half Tram Track feature, rather than Half Centipede, closely aligned over only the headdress. The head has a carefully applied bumpy silhouette, possibly indicating hair. Although deterioration has obliterated some of the finer detail, this figure has been elaborately decked in a range of Half Tram Track features mounted from shoulders and armpits and Broad Elbow Bands. The addition of heel detail to the basic Slipper Feet appears to be a variation to larger figures in this Group.
Bradshaw Period
Tassel Bradshaw Group
Size (Length)
1720x520mm (68x20ins)
Painting Details
Ceremonial Figure
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