The Cave Art Paintings of the Chauvet Cave

The bison, dated at 30,340 +/- 570 BP, is drawn in black, and its highly systematic representation is repeated for the other bisons in the Chauvet Cave, with its arched lines, accentuated features and small round eyes. The bison is part of the Bison Panel, with two other bison and an engraving of a partial mammoth. This engraving, along with several others, was made before the black drawings. The panel is covered with clawmarks from cave bears, which predate the cave art. The wall of the black bison figures faces the arriving visitor. The bison appears to be a species that is not only rare but also limited to the deepest parts of the Chauvet Cave.
Black drawing on Rock
Size (Length)
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The End Chamber
Age / Period
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