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Introduction by the Bradshaw Foundation
Our ancestors originated in Africa. This continent was the birthplace of modern man and woman. By the time of the first single successful exodus 85,000 years ago, we were dancing, singing and painting. Evidence of the earliest rock art is notoriously difficult to confirm, but its tradition is not - from desert to rainforest to savanna, we see a vast display of spectacular rock art, both paintings and engravings, depicting a staggering array of subjects. Many of these, not all by any means, are presented here in the Bradshaw Foundation Africa section, one of the largest online collections of ancient African rock art in the world, brought to you in collaboration with the leading African authorities on cave paintings and petroglyph carvings. As more rock art is discovered, and dating techniques become more sophisticated, greater light is shed on the thoughts, beliefs, joys and fears of our African ancestors.
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Sahara Exhibition Exploring the Great Desert
Africa Travel Expeditions
Giraffe Carvings of Niger, Africa
The Rock Art of South Africa
Africa Travel Expedition Visit Holiday Adventure Tour
Bring out the adventurer in you with these unique travel expeditions, to some of the most famous rock art sites of Africa, in the epic landscapes of this ancient continent.
Africa Niger Rock Art Engraving Giraffe Carving
The project to take a mould of one of the largest rock art carvings in the world. Two life size Giraffe found in the Sahara, and to carry out a programme of preservation.
African Rock Art South Africa Carvings Engravings San Paintings
The Bradshaw Foundation join Dr. Benjamin Smith director of South Africa's Witwatersrand University - Rock Art Research Institute, to view the historic San Rock Art Paintings.
Journey of Mankind - Out of Africa
The World's Oldest Rock Art
Africa Documentary Films
Journey of Mankind Out of Africa Peopling of the World
Who were our ancestors? From where did we originate? If we came out of Africa, what governed our migration routes? Finally this map reveals the epic journey.
Africa Old Oldest Rock Art Apollo 11 Stones Blombos Cave Shells
The dating of the earliest rock paintings and engravings in Africa is uncertain. Direct dating techniques are not advanced enough to accurately indicate an age.
Africa Documentary Film Films
Documentary films on Africa from the iLecture series, includes Out of Africa, San Rock Art Paintings of South Africa, Africa - Place of Origins & Lost Art of the Sahara.
Rock Art Research Institute
African Rock Art Gallery
Rock Art of Western Central Africa
South Africa Rock Art Research Institute at the Witwatersrand University RARI
RARI at the Witwatersrand University, is perhaps the largest specialist rock art institution in the world, renowned for its research and publication record.
Africa African Rock Art TARA Trust for African Rock Art David Coulson
David Coulson, is probably the leading photographer of African Rock Art. On this site are a selection of 20 of his photgraphs covering the whole of Africa continent.
Africa Rock Art Paintings Carvings Engravings Gabon Central African Republic,Cameroon Congo
Much of Western Central Africa's rock art is still being discovered today. The region appears to have been a major conduit for migration over a long period of time.
Gilf Kebir - Cave of Swimmers
The Tuareg Salt Caravans of Niger
The Tuareg of the African Sahara
Africa Cave of Swimmers Gilf Kebir Sahara Egypt Libya The English Patient
The remote Cave of Swimmers is located at Wadi Sura in the mountainous Gilf Kebir plateau of the Sahara, Africa, in southwest Egypt near the Libyan border.
Tuareg Africa Tuaregs People Sahara Niger Mali Libya Algeria Burkina Faso
In Niger Tuareg caravans continue across the Tenere Desert, this section celebrates the survival of one of the world's most ancient cultures - The Caravans of Salt.
Tuareg Africa Tuaregs People Sahara Niger Mali Libya Algeria Burkina Faso
Africa and the Sahara is the home of the Tuareg people. This photograph section is an overview of Life and Culture in present day Dabous Tuareg society in Niger.
North Central Tanzania, Africa
Twyfelfontein, Namibia, Africa
Birnin Kudu Rock Art Center, Nigeria
Africa Tanzania Rock Art Paintings Carvings Engravings
Despite its significant position astride the most important rock art regions of Africa, i.e. southern Africa and the Sahara, the study of rock art in Tanzania is relatively new.
Africa Namibia Rock Art Paintings Carvings Engravings
Maarten van Hoek's extensive survey covering the relations in rock art between cupules and animal imagery at Twyfelfontein in Namibia. Site Report by Sven Ouzman.
Africa Nigeria Rock Art Paintings Carvings Engravings
The Birnin Kudu Rock Art Center in Jigawa protects, conserves & documents the rock paintings found in numerous sites in this region of north-western Nigeria.
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