Descent into the Cave
Mercy in the Cave of Niaux
Cave Art Paintings Psychology Mind
Palaeolithic cave art from a psychological perspective: exploring the perception, the inspiration and the creation of humankind's earliest art form.
Cave Art Paintings Upper Palaeolithic
Dr Ilse Vickers examines the dynamic relationship between Palaeolithic Cave Art and Depth Psychology; Ice Age rock art within the depths of the cave.
Niaux Cave Art Paintings France
An essay by Dr Ilse Vickers investigating the psyche of the Ice Age artist, exploring the primitive and the modern, set in the cave of Niaux in France.
Ancient Symbols in Rock Art
Ancient Symbols in Rock Art Professor John P Miller
Professor John P. Miller examines the recurrent geometric motifs of ancient rock art in relation to the anatomical and neurophysiological characteristics of the human visual cortex.