The Cave Art Paintings of the Chauvet Cave

Right at the very end of the End Chamber a hanging rock formation reaches down from the ceiling to a metre off the ground. This striking natural relief, as you might expect, is adorned with black drawings and engravings: four lions, one horse, two mammoths, one musk ox and a composition creature - half human and half bison - referred to as the Sorcerer. Beside it there is drawn the front view of a woman's lower body with long tapering legs. Her pubic triangle and her vulva are clearly drawn. The Sorcerer's figure folds around and faces in to the pubic triangle. This is certainly a powerful composition, perhaps symbolising a relationship between a mortal woman and a supernatural animal spirit.
Black Drawing on Rock
Size (Length)
Height 100cm
Cave Location
The End Chamber
Age / Period
Chauvet Cave Paintings Gallery
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The Venus and The Sorcerer
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