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The Acrobats

The Acrobats
Australian National Sports
Centre, Canberra, Australia
( Height 16 Feet )


John Robinson and Edition Limitee wish to thank the following people, without whose help the sculptures, tapestries and these pages would not have been possible:

Adolfo Agolini, Ron and Betty Beaver, Mario Benbassat, Anna Coyle, Tim and Sally Emanuel, Ronnie Brown, Robert Hefner III, Pam Launari, Damon and Sandra de Laszlo, Claudio Mariani, Peg Newman, Enzo Plazzotta, Allan Russell, Roy Wakeford, Richard Stone, and Cara Quinton to mention just a few of those involved.

Fonderia Mariani, Pietrasanta, Italy.

Atelier Goubely, Aubusson, France.

Henraux, Carrara, Italy.

Vertex, Yeovil, England.

Andrew Begg, Sydney, Australia. Karen Keeney, Aspen, USA

Sandra de Laszlo, and
Trevor Barker, England.

John Robinson with his first grandchild, Charlotte Emma

The Damon and Sandra de Laszlo Foundation
The Robert A.Hefner III Foundation

All of the above have our very sincere thanks.



The Past, my parents, Nan and Bill
The Present, my wife, Margie
The Future, our grandchildren
Charlotte, Lucy, William, Samuel, Kimberley, Harry, and Amber

"May fortune smile on them as she has on me"

Pictured (right) John Robinson with his grandson Sam,Michelangelo's Marble Quarry, Summit of Mt. Altissimo, Carrara.

"The Etruscans believed their shadows were their Souls"

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