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The Rock Art Petroglyphs of Iran
The Rock Art of Saudi Arabia
Rock Art Petroglyphs Middle East
Research of the region now known as the Middle East, a vast area lying at the juncture of Eurasia and Africa and of the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean.
Rock Art Petroglyphs Iran Middle East
Mohammad Naserifard, avocational Iranian archaeologist, explores the prehistoric rock art of Iran, and attempts to explain the significance of the carved ibex motif.
Rock Art Saudi Arabia Petroglyphs Middle East
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a rich cultural heritage: of its more than four thousand registered archaeological sites, one thousand five hundred include rock art.
Colonisation of the Middle East
Ancient Geometry
United Arab Emirates Rock Art
Rock Art Petroglyphs Middle East
The Journey of Mankind Genetic Map shows the dispersal of modern humans out of Africa, but the timing of the occupation of parts of the Middle East is still under debate.
Ancient Geometry Writing Systems Art Mathematics
Dr. Azhideh Moqaddam examines geometric patterns, an important part of the most ancient writing systems of the Old World in the Sind valley, Iran and Mesopotamia.
United Arab Emirates Rock Art Petroglyphs UAE Middle East
Explore the wadis, foothills and mountains of the United Arab Emirates, to discover the boulder art petroglyphs, stone age flint sites and ancient dwellings of this region.