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Dabous Giraffe Rock Art Carvings Niger Africa
Dabous Giraffe Rock Art
Carvings in Niger, Africa
For over 20 years the Bradshaw Foundation has been involved in the discovery, documentation and preservation of rock art around the world. Its Advisory Panel is comprised of leading experts in the fields of rock art and archaeological study. The Foundation has visited, recorded and published material on the major rock art sites, including Chauvet in France, the San paintings of the Drakensberg, petroglyphs of north America, the statues of Easter Island and cave paintings of Australia.
One of the Foundation's most important preservation projects took place in 1999, with an expedition to the Sahara, in conjunction with UNESCO World Heritage, to take a mould of the Dabous Giraffe carvings in Niger, in order to highlight the need for preservation of one of the world's largest animal petroglyphs. This was published in National Geographic and Unesco's World Monuments Watch. The Bradshaw Foundation's work in Niger led to the birth of the African Rock Art Archive. It was also a treasured experience by all those involved.
Rock Art Upper Brandberg Namibia Africa
Rock Art of the Upper Brandberg
in Namibia, Africa
It is for this reason that the Bradshaw Foundation has chosen to team up with selected travel companies so you can share this experience, providing the opportunity to see first-hand some of the most important rock art sites of this ancient continent, and follow in the footsteps of a long line of intrepid explorers.
What is a Bradshaw Foundation African expedition?
Expeditions to fixed and bespoke destinations in Africa
Expeditions in conjunction with experienced operators in the region
Guided tours offering the opportunity to learn as you discover
Record your experience and contribute your Travel logs and Photographic Journey to the African Rock Art Archive of the Bradshaw Foundation.