The China Rock Art Archive

Yinchuan World Rock Art Museum
2010 Rock Art Festival & Seminar
Rock Art of China's Helan Mountains
Yinchuan World Rock Art Museum China
The newly constructed and state-of-the-art Yinchuan World Rock Art Museum of the People's Republic of China. Located in Helankou, at the feet of the spectacular Helan Mountains.
2010 Rock Art Festival Seminar China
The Bradshaw Foundation attend the 2010 Third Annual Rock Art Festival in China, establishing a collaboration & partnership between the Foundation and the Yinchuan World Rock Art Museum.
Chinese Rock Art China Helan Mountains
Bradshaw Foundation Field Trip to the the Helan Mountains of Inner Mongolia, China. Over 6,000 engravings have been documented at Helankou, created between 3,000 & 10,000 years ago.
Rock Art Gallery - Helan Mountains
Itinerant Creeds
Rock Art of Inner Mongolia & Ningxia
Rock Art Helan Mountains China
Gallery of rock art Photographs from the Helan Mountains of Inner Mongolia, China. The main concentration of rock art carvings is found at the Helankou Rock Art Engravings Park.
Itinerant Creeds Research Paper Paola Dematte Rock Art Petroglyphs Sites
Itinerant creeds research paper by Paola Dematte. The Chinese northern frontier where petroglyphs sites of iron age pastoralists intermingle with buddhist caves on the silk road.
Rock Art Inner Mongolia Ningxia China
Research by Paola Demattè on prehistoric rock art, petroglyphs and motifs in inner mongolia, from neolithic to Chinese dynastic culture, of nomadic and pastoral culture of Helanshan.
The Tiger in Chinese Rock Art
Life in Rock Art by Chen Zhao Fu
In Search of a Vanishing Civilization
China Tiger Chinese Rock Art
As early as the Neolithic Age, the ancient people living in China's Helan Mountains have created rock art images of the tiger to show their worship.
Life in Rock Art by Chen Zhao Fu Paintings Petroglyphs China
Life in Rock Art is a thesis written by the eminent prehistorian Professor Chen Zhao Fu examining the various elements of life depicted by the paintings and petroglyphs of China.
In Search of a Vanishing Civilization Professor Chen Zhao Fu Rock Art China
In Search of a Vanishing Civilization' is the account of Professor Chen Zhao Fu traveling over 20,000 kilometers to bring the rock art of China to the attention of the world.
Tibet - The Rock Art of Lake Namtso
Ancient Rock Carvings from Dazu
Tibet - A Photographic Journey
Tibet Rock Art Lake Namtso
President Robert A. Hefner III explores the rock art of Lake Namtso in Tibet, one of two principal holy lakes in Tibet, at the centre of the great high plains valley floor.
Rock Carvings Dazu China World Heritage Site
The rock carvings at Dazu World Heritage Site in China were first created in the seventh century, represent the last great expression of this monumental art form.
Tibet Rock Art Paintings
Discover the rock art paintings of Tibet, and follow the photographic journey of the Foundation's President Robert A. Hefner III to the sacred Lake Namtso.
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