French Cave Paintings & Rock Art Archive
Introduction to the Archive
According to Dr Jean Clottes, European Ice Age rock art, often called 'cave art', is well-known all over the world, because of the high quality & antiquity of its images. So far, about 350 sites have been discovered, from the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula to the Urals. Of these, nearly half of them are located in France. With the collaboration of the French Ministry of Culture & Communication, and under the guidance of Jean Clottes & Noël Coye, Conservateur du patrimoine, the Bradshaw Foundation presents Phase 1 of the French Cave Paintings Archive. Given the sheer number of major sites in France, our aim is to establish an archive that will grow over time, as further discoveries are made. Moreover, portable art - from the same periods and of equal importance - will be added to the archive.
French Rock Art Archive France French Rock Art Archive France French Rock Art Archive France French Rock Art Archive France French Rock Art Archive France


The Chauvet Cave Paintings
The Lascaux Cave Paintings
The Niaux Cave Paintings
Chauvet Cave Art Paintings
Despite being recently discovered in France in 1994, Chauvet Cave contains some of the world's oldest art, and one of the most extensive rock art galleries ever recorded.
Lascaux Cave Art Paintings
Learn of the peril of Lascaux's famous Palaeolithic cave paintings, found in a complex of caves in France, rock art of exceptional quality, sophistication & antiquity.
Niaux Cave Art Paintings
Niaux Cave is one of Europe's most impressive Palaeolithic rock art galleries. The French Ministry of Culture has established the cave art is at least 14,000 years old.
Cave Art : Bison Of Tuc D'Audoubert
Geometric Signs in France
The Cave Paintings of Cosquer
Bison Cave Art Tuc d'Audoubert France
The Bégouën brothers wonderful find of rock art engravings of two clay Bison found in the Cave of Tuc d'Audoubert in France, a unique wonder of the rock art world.
Geometric Signs Rock Art Cave Paintings France
Genevieve von Petzinger's study of 146 French rock art sites looking at the diffences and connections between the geometric signs at different sites through out France.
Cosquer Cave Art Paintings
Cosquer cave was discovered in 1985 by diver, Henri Cosquer, deep under the sea. Its cave paintings were not mentioned until 1991 after three divers died in the cave.
Dr Jean Clottes
Paleolithic Cave Art in France
The Rouffignac Cave
Dr Jean Clottes
The eminent French prehistorian Dr. Jean Clottes was the former scientific advisor on prehistoric rock art to the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, and UNESCO.
Paleolithic Paintings Cave Art France
Jean Clottes' comprehensive analysis of the Palaeolithic rock art & cave paintings discovered in France. Based on research gained from visiting sites around the world.
Rouffignac Mammoth Mammoths Cave Paintings Art
Explore Rouffignac, the 'Cave of the Hundred Mammoths', in the French Dordogne, where people of the Upper Palaeolithic went the furthest underground to draw.
Cave Art by Dr Jean Clottes
Sculpting the Palaeolithic
Mercy in the Cave of Niaux
Cave Art Jean Clottes
'Cave Art' by Dr Jean Clottes explores the origins of rock art and creativity, with 85 rock art caves and shelters that reveal the beauty of Palaeolithic Cave Art.
Ice Age Sculpture Sculptures shopping shop
The artist Peter Lyell Robinson considers the sculpture from the Ice Age, and how the human urge to create and some of the techniques used span vast tracks of time.
Niaux Cave Art Paintings
Based on the research in depth psychology of Dr. Ilse Vickers, this section explores of the direct and dynamic relationship between Palaeolithic cave art and the psyche.
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