The World's Largest Rock Art Petroglyph

Discovery & Documentation
Finland Rock Art Interpretation
Finland Rock Art Paintings
Discover the prehistoric rock art of Finland, paintings created thousands of years ago by its Mesolithic hunter-gatherers, brought to life by the researcher Ismo Luukkonen.
Finland Rock Art Paintings
The discovery, documentation and classification of the rock art of Finland, with prehistoric motifs that are bound to the life & beliefs of the Pit-Comb Ware hunter-gatherers.
Finland Rock Art Paintings
Read about the current interpretation, purpose and meaning of the rock art of Finland, the enigmatic prehistoric art form that has lasted for millennia beyond its original cultural tradition.
Rock Art Over Time
Finland Rock Art Gallery
Rock Art Locations in Finland
Finland Rock Art Paintings
Ismo Luukkonen considers the meaning & relevance of prehistoric rock art of Finland over time; for us today, can we understand the art or appreciate the original act of creation?
Finland Rock Art Paintings
Presenting a variety of the mysterious rock art images of Finland by photographer Ismo Luukkonen; red ochre prehistoric painted creations that range from the figurative to the smear.
Finland Rock Art Paintings
Map detailing the locations of rock art sites in Finland, based on current research. From the rediscovery in 1911 by composer Jean Sibelius, to new sites still being found today.
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